Em McManamy

I am an experienced speech-language pathologist trained at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Institute of Health Professions. I hold state licenses in Rhode Island and Massachusetts as well as clinical certification from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. I have advanced training in voice therapy and transgender voice techniques.

My practice is based in Providence and offers services throughout the metropolitan area and via telepractice throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Accepting Medicare, Neighborhood Health Plan, and most private insurance plans.

Areas of clinical expertise include:

  • Voice concerns
  • Dysarthria
  • Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion (also called Vocal Fold Dysfunction)
  • Cognition and Aphasia
  • Accent alteration
  • Voice and communication consultation offered to individuals in gender transition

Services provided in English, Spanish and French


For over a year I had been worried about my voice to the extent that I lost my self-confidence when speaking to a group and, at times, I felt anxious when engaged in one-on-one conversations. My ENT specialist could not give me a medical explanation, nor did he intimate that my voice was changing due to age. Instead he referred me to Em McManamy. When Em handed me the Coastal Voice Therapy brochure entitled, “Are you worried about your voice?” I felt providence at work and decided to work with it. During a very short period of time (six weekly meetings) Em introduced me to a wide variety of exercises—some of which seemed pretty silly at first. However, in no time, through the force of her personal and professional gifts—one of which was the remarkable way she put me at ease—I soon let go of self-conscious patterns, embraced the exercises, and thus allowed Em to work her magic. I am now in much better control of how I “think” my voice sounds as well as how I “feel” about my voice. I am ever grateful to Em McManamy. – Kathleen Rice

Great empathy and knowledge of how to treat and help people with voice-related issues. As someone who needs my voice at work and in the theater, Em was great by giving me helpful exercises. – Jesse Kalfel

I will continue to do the exercises you have provided me with. I do notice improvement and thank you very much. – Janice

My daughter came in with vocal cord nodules and vocal cord dysfunction. I am so pleased with the progress that my daughter has enjoyed with Coastal Voice Therapy. She is back taking singing lessons and on her way to Broadway someday! Thank you! – Juliane

I just wanted to let you know that the techniques worked for (my daughter) in the meet on Sunday!! Thank you so much. – Kiera